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Regulations for the Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies in:

Business Finance (PGCertMgtSt(BusFin))
Health Management (PGCertMgtSt(HealthMgt))
Personal Risk Management (PGCertMgtSt(PRiskMgt))
Practice Management (PGCertMgtSt(PracMgt))
Property Finance (PGCertMgtSt(PropFin))
Sport Management (PGCertMgtSt(SportMgt))
Unendorsed (PGCertMgtSt)

1.   Candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies must have
  (a)   qualified for the award of a bachelors degree from the University of Waikato, or a qualification considered by Academic Board to be equivalent, or
  (b)   produced satisfactory evidence of adequate training and experience to proceed with the certificate.
2.   Where candidates are required to have specific experience in order to gain entry to a particular certificate, or must be employed in a position relevant to the field of study while undertaking the programme, the regulations are outlined in the appropriate Waikato Management School Handbook.
3.   Candidates must enrol and follow an approved part-time programme of study in the Waikato Management School for at least two semesters.
4.   Candidates must gain 60 points at Level 7 as prescribed by the relevant endorsement for the PGCertMgtSt under Executive Education in the Calendar.
5.   A candidate who fails a paper may repeat it once. A candidate who fails the same paper a second time may not proceed with the certificate.
6.   The Academic Board or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.
7.   With the approval of the Academic Board, a candidate who has been awarded the PGCertMgtSt may relinquish the certificate for credit towards the PGDipMgtSt.

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