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The Graduate Diploma in Arts

The Graduate Diploma in Arts is available to graduates who have not included the subject they wish to take for the diploma at an advanced level in their first degree.

Regulations for the Graduate Diploma in Arts (GradDipArts)
1.   Candidates for the Graduate Diploma in Arts must have qualified for the award of a bachelors degree of the University of Waikato, or for a qualification considered by the Academic Board to be equivalent.
2.   In exceptional circumstances, candidates who do not meet the requirements of section 1 of these regulations may be accepted into the diploma if they have the training, experience and ability which the Academic Board considers suitable for the diploma.
3.   Every candidate for admission to the diploma must be accepted by the chairperson of the relevant subject or convenor of the relevant specified programme.
4.   Candidates must enrol and follow an approved programme of study for at least one year.1
5.   Candidates enrolling in the subjects listed in section 7(a) of these regulations will enrol in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Candidates enrolling in the subjects listed in section 7(b) will enrol in the School of Māori and Pacific Development.
6.   Every candidate must gain 120 points in one of the subjects for the diploma, including at least 60 points at Level 3. The programme of study must comply with the particular requirements of a BA major in the relevant subject, as set out in the Calendar.
7.   The subjects for the diploma are:
  (a)   American Studies
  Asian Studies
  Education Studies
  New Zealand Studies/Akoranga Aotearoa
  Political Science
  Religious Studies
  Screen and Media Studies
  Theatre Studies
  (b)   Te Reo Māori/Māori Language
  Tikanga Māori/Māori Cultural Studies
8.   A candidate may be permitted to credit towards the diploma, papers passed prior to enrolment as a diploma candidate, provided that these papers have not been counted previously towards another qualification.
9.   The diploma will be awarded without classification as to honours and distinction.
10.   The Academic Board or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.
1.   Prerequisites in some subjects may mean that this qualification cannot be completed in one year.

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