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Regulations for the Graduate Diploma in Education (GradDipEd)

1.   Candidates for the Graduate Diploma in Education will normally have
  (a)   qualified for the award of a bachelors degree of the University of Waikato, or a qualification considered by the Academic Board to be equivalent, and
  (b)   produced evidence of having gained the necessary professional experience as defined in the Graduate Studies Handbook or in the School of Education Graduate Programmes section of the Calendar.
2.   In exceptional circumstances, candidates without the requirements specified in section 1 of these regulations may be accepted into a diploma programme, subject to the completion of any coursework or the passing of any papers under terms and to standards determined by the Academic Board.
Requirements for the graduate diploma
3.   Candidates must enrol and follow a programme of study in the School of Education of not less than one year.
4.   The Graduate Diploma in Education may be awarded unendorsed or endorsed with one of the following specialisations:
  4.1   Adult Education and Training (AdEdT)
  4.2   Pōkairua Kaupae-rua Whakaako mo te Māori/Māori Medium Teaching (MāoriMedTchg)
5.   Candidates must complete a total of at least 120 points including at least 60 points above Level 2, or 120 points at Level 7, from those listed for the relevant programme or some other cognate subject prescribed for a degree of the University of Waikato.
6.   The programme of study of each candidate shall require the approval of the Academic Board.
Exemptions and credit transfers
7.   A candidate may be permitted to credit towards the diploma papers passed prior to enrolment as a diploma candidate, provided that these papers have not been counted previously towards another qualification.
8.   The Academic Board or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.

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