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Regulations for the Degree of Master of Management Studies (MMS)

1.   Candidates for the degree of Master of Management Studies must have
  (a)   qualified for the award of the Bachelor of Management Studies degree of the University of Waikato, or for a qualification considered by the Academic Board to be equivalent, and
  (b)   satisfied the prerequisites for graduate study in the subject(s) being presented for the degree, at levels considered appropriate by the Academic Board, and
  (c)   in addition, must have gained 120 points at Level 5 in one or more of the academic areas listed in section 4 of these regulations. Candidates who do not fulfil this requirement will be required to pass a qualifying programme of study of up to 120 points at Level 5 prior to admission to the Master of Management Studies.
2.   In exceptional circumstances, candidates who do not meet the standard entry requirements specified in section 1 of these regulations, may, on the basis of evidence of adequate training and ability, be permitted to enrol for the Master of Management Studies, subject to completion of any qualifying papers or additional work as may be required by the Academic Board, either prior to admission or concurrently.
3.   Candidates for the Master of Management Studies must enrol in and follow an approved programme of study in the Waikato Management School for at least one year.
4.   The academic areas for the degree include the following subjects and interdisciplinary programmes:
      Human Resource Management
      International Management
      Management Communication
      Management of Not-for-Profit Organisations
      Management Systems
      Public Relations
      Strategic Management
  Interdisciplinary Programmes
      Applied Economics and Finance
      Environment and Management
      Tourism and Hospitality Management
5.   Candidates must gain the equivalent of 120 points at Level 5, of which at least 60 points must be in one of the academic areas listed in section 4 of these regulations.
6.   Candidates will normally be required to present a directed study (30 points), a dissertation (60 points) or thesis (90 or 120 points) in their main academic area, and a research methdology paper as prescribed in the Waikato Management School Student Handbook, unless passed previously.
7.   If a candidate fails a paper then he or she may repeat the paper once or take an alternative paper. A candidate who fails more than one paper will not be permitted to proceed with the degree.
8.   The degree may be awarded with First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (first division), Second Class Honours (second division) or without honours. The final result for the degree and whether it will be awarded with honours will be determined after all work for the degree has been assessed.
9.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations Governing Graduate Degrees apply in these regulations and include provisions for variations and waiver of these regulations in individual cases by the Academic Board or delegated authority.

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