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Personal Programmes of Study Regulations Governing Graduate Degrees

Delegation of Powers
The powers and authority of the Academic Board referred to in these regulations have been delegated in certain matters under the Delegation of Powers Statute 2005.
1.   Admission to a graduate degree is subject to the approval of the Academic Board.
2.   To ensure that a candidate is adequately prepared for the degree, the Academic Board will require the relevant examinations in the relevant subject or subjects of the bachelors degree to have been passed at levels and grades which it deems appropriate.
3.   Candidates are usually required to have majored in their bachelors degree in the subject to be presented for a graduate degree. This requirement may be waived in cases where no more than one or two papers in a given subject are proposed to be incorporated in the candidate’s programme of study.
4.   The minimum requirements for the award of graduate degrees are defined in the relevant regulations. The Academic Board may prescribe qualifying or additional papers which must be passed by a candidate in addition to the minimum requirements, either prior to or concurrently with the minimum requirements. Qualifying or additional papers may be required if the candidate is considered by the Academic Board to be inadequately prepared in a core subject area. Where prescribed, qualifying papers must be passed and additional work must be completed before the candidate will be deemed to have completed the requirements for the degree concerned.
5.   Papers for graduate degrees are listed in the Calendar.
6.   The personal programme of study for each candidate is subject to the approval of the Academic Board.
7.   Particular regulations governing graduate degrees may be varied or waived by approval of the Academic Board.
8.   The Academic Board may decline to re‑enrol a candidate whose progress during the preceding year or years has not been to the satisfaction of the Academic Board.
9.   A candidate who has been awarded a particular graduate degree in one subject may only be a candidate for the same degree in another subject.
Time required for completion
10.   In individual cases, the Academic Board may exercise its discretion to permit a candidate to complete the requirements of one of the degrees in less than the minimum time, and for this purpose the Academic Board will have regard to the academic record of the applicant and to the individual circumstances.
Eligibility for Honours
11.   Candidates for some graduate degrees may take longer than the minimum period of full-time study to complete the degree. However, in order to qualify for Honours, the candidate may be required to complete the requirements within a prescribed number of years of first enrolling for the degree.
12.   A candidate who withdraws from the University before the midpoint of his or her first year of study, without having completed any papers for the degree concerned, may have this year disregarded for the purpose of eligibility for honours.
13.   The Assessment Regulations 2005 apply in these regulations.
14.   Candidates will normally be required to sit examinations in the year in which they are taking the papers concerned.
Dissertations and Theses
15.   The Dissertations and Theses Regulations 2005 governing the presentation of theses and dissertations apply in these regulations and any dissertation or thesis required for a graduate degree must be presented in accordance with these regulations.
16.   For dissertations and theses one or more supervisors will be appointed by the Academic Board. If the chief supervisor is also an examiner of the dissertation or thesis, at least one other examiner (who is not also a supervisor) will be appointed.
17.   A dissertation or thesis presented for a degree must embody the results obtained by the candidate in an investigation relating to some branch of the subject or subjects being presented, or with the approval of the Academic Board, shall take some other form proposed by the candidate’s supervisors and approved by the Dean(s) and chairperson(s) of department(s) concerned. The chief supervisor or sole supervisor will be required to certify that the dissertation or thesis embodies the candidate’s own work carried out under the supervisor’s direct supervision.
18.   Dissertations and theses are assessed in terms of the points value they represent.
Date for Submission of Dissertations, Theses and Research Reports
19.   The deadline for the submission of any dissertation, thesis or research report required for a graduate degree will be 4.00 pm on the fourth Friday of the month which completes one year of study for 120 point degrees or two years of study for 240 point degrees.
20.   Candidates who expect that they will not submit their dissertation, thesis or research report by the due date may apply to the Dean or the appropriate staff member(s) with delegated responsibility for Graduate Studies of the Faculty or School of Studies in which they are enrolled for an extension of time without the requirement for re-enrolment, provided that the application for an extension is lodged prior to the deadline for submission.
21.   Extensions will not normally be awarded for periods of more than 21 days beyond the relevant due date.
22.   Candidates who do not submit their dissertation, thesis or research report by the due date, and who have not applied for and been awarded an extension, will be required to re-enrol for a minimum period to be determined by the Dean or the appropriate staff member(s) with delegated responsibility for Graduate Studies of the Faculty or School of Studies in which they are enrolled and will be liable for a further payment of tuition and any other fees and charges for the period of re-enrolment.
23.   The submission date for candidates who enrol on a part‑time and/or part‑year basis will be calculated on a case by case basis to provide for the equivalent full‑time period specified in section 19 of these regulations.
Resubmission of Dissertations and Theses
24.   A dissertation or thesis for a graduate degree that receives a narrow fail may be returned to the student with the offer of an opportunity to revise and re-submit. The decision to offer such an opportunity is at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty/School that offers the degree, and is based on a number of factors, including the likelihood that the revision will be successful, and the availablity of suitable supervisors and examiners.
25.   An offer by a Dean under section 24 of these regulations will be in writing, and any conditions attached to the offer will be explicit. The period allowed for the revision will be no more than the equivalent of one semester and the deadline for submission will be prescribed. If the offer to revise and submit is accepted, the student will be eligible to receive a maximum grade of C and, in the case of a masters degree, will not be eligible for the award of honours.
26.   A student’s acceptance of an offer to revise and re-submit and associated conditions must be in writing. The student must then re-enrol for the equivalent of one semester and pay fees accordingly. For administrative and fees purposes, the student will enrol for the particular enrolment period in which the deadline for re-submission falls
27.   A ‘provisional fail’ is recorded against the first dissertation/thesis enrolment for the period of revision. The ‘provisional fail’ grade is replaced by a final grade (either a fail grade or a C grade, depending on the outcome), after the revision and re-examination processes are concluded.
28.   The opportunity to revise and re-submit a particular dissertation or thesis may be offered to a student only once.
Change of Programme of Study
29.   The Change of Enrolment Regulations 2003 apply in these regulations.
Papers taken other than at the University of Waikato
30.   Provided that not less than one half of the requirements for a Waikato graduate degree are passed at this University, the student concerned may be deemed eligible for the appropriate Waikato degree. This enables candidates who have taken a limited number of papers elsewhere towards a graduate qualification to count these papers towards a Waikato degree, provided that they have not actually had the other qualification awarded.

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